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The Life Skills
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Are you working a seasonal job on your gap year, between semesters or after graduating college?
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AdventureEXP’s Life Skills Foundation course is designed to equip you with critical skills necessary for both personal growth and professional success. This course blends our engaging curriculum with practical professional development, focusing on cultivating versatile skills such as: effective communication, money management and personal wellness. It is structured to transition you from academic achievement to life and career success, while supporting you to get the most out of your current and upcoming travel and work experience.

In addition to the essential life skills that are developed through this course, you can choose to complete this course and receive 9-credit hours that can be transferred to your university to contribute towards your degree.

Program Features

In addition to the essential life skills that are developed through this course, you can choose to complete this course and receive 9-credit hours that can be transferred to your university to contribute towards your degree.


Progress at your own pace.
Each module covers specific
learning objectives.



Engage with video lectures,
interactive simulations, and
vivid graphics.

Earn College

Up to 9 credits available
through our flexible, fully online
course structure.


Access materials and assignments anytime, complemented by live webinars and virtual office hours.


Join online forums to share
ideas and engage in

Continuous Support
and Feedback

Benefit from clear
communication channels and
regular performance feedback.

Advanced Learning

Utilize our state-of-the-art Learning Management System for an enhanced educational experience.

Course Overview

Our Platform is Easy to Use.
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Fun – it’s not your traditional learning experience.
  • Professional Development and Effective Communication:
    Enhance your resume, master interview techniques, and learn professional networking including the use of
    LinkedIn. Develop customer service skills, problem-solving abilities, and learn to effectively collaborate within

  • Personal Development and Wellness:
    Focus on mental and emotional health, stress management, empathy, confidence building, and cultivating a
    healthy lifestyle.

  • Financial Literacy and Ethics:
    Gain crucial knowledge on personal budgeting, saving, investing, understanding taxes and insurance,
    managing debt, and ethical financial behavior.

  • Applied Professional Development:
    Apply your learning in real-world settings, enhancing employability and professional skills through reflective
    practice and hands-on experience.

  • Reflection and Evaluation of Work Experience:
    Engage in deep reflection to evaluate your professional development and personal growth, aligning your
    experiences with long-term goals and aspirations.

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Develop independent living skills preparing you to succeed in life and in the workplace with easy to understand, practical lessons designed to help you be the best version of yourself.


Life Skills Foundation Course


Life Skills Foundation Course + 9 Transferable College Credits

Why Earn Your
Life Skills Foundation Course Certificate

The Life Skills Foundation course is an online course anyone can complete virtually. The course will assist you before, during and after your chosen work experience. We recommend completing Modules 1, 2 and 3 before starting, Module 4 during your work experience and Module 5 afterwards. The course is designed to help you when working in an entry level position to identify transferable skills to your future career and to help you develop independent living skills. You are not required to access the curriculum for college credit but have the option if you choose.

The course is designed to support:

  • Recent high school graduates working to figure out their next step
  • Students on a gap year that incorporates gaining work experience
  • College students traveling over a semester off, Summer or Academic year to work
  • Recent college graduates with time between starting their career or a Masters degree
  • Recent college graduates taking a gap year to work and figure out their next step

Each module has a combination of course notes, videos,
recommended readings, assignments, guided reflection and discussion boards.

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