Destination Work Programs

For Gap Year, College Students & Young Professionals

Ready for an adventure where you travel, work, and get paid?

Our work and travel programs are a chance to get paid to gain experience, work, and learn while living in the coolest spots around the US.

Based on your life and career goals, we set you up with the ideal work and travel experience.

Explore and have fun while you develop your career and grow personally and professionally.



Live in the coolest spots | Get paid | Gain experience | Learn professional skills | Step out of your comfort zone | Travel with purpose

An Overview of Your Work & Travel Experience

It starts out by applying online (which takes about 2.5 minutes)

You meet with your adventure guide, who will get to know you and your goals.

You choose the right location and job for you. Programs range from 2 – 12 months.

You will travel to your location with housing and a job secured to make money while you travel. 

Everything is planned through our program. Enjoy your experience!

Get an in-depth overview of the program here. 

person holding cup with body of water background
person holding cup with body of water background

Taking a gap year? Get paid to work, travel, and gain experience.

Traveling and getting a new job is an incredible way to explore your interests and aspirations before applying to college or taking that next step in your journey.

The real world is what you make it. There is so much to explore and so much to see and learn.

Our students feel prepared for the real world after an immersive experience where they travel, learn real-life skills at a job, get paid, gain skills, and have fun.

Take The Leap

Live like a local somewhere exotic. 

It’s a unique chance to explore your interests in a guided program while gaining valuable work experience. 

Unforgettable experiences like this set you up for a successful future and add flavor to your life.

Apply through the link below and set up a call with an adventure guide who will recommend programs.

person holding cup with body of water background
person holding cup with body of water background

Adventure Exp Philosophy

Everyone has their own unique pathway to be successful. Success walks hand-in-hand with passion & happiness.

Get inspired, learn new things, expand your perspective, and become a well-rounded person.

We provide you with the tools & support to be the best version of yourself while traveling and exploring your passions.

Program Alumni Testimonials

"In my program I gained experience working with management, speaking up for myself, and working with high-priority clientele. I was drawn to the location by the national monuments, museums, and cultural heritage sites that surround the area. Ultimately, the most meaningful parts of my experience were the people I met and the adventures I went on. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!"

Emily W.

Summer Participant

"Before I was even accepted into the program, I knew it was what I wanted to do for the summer. I didn't know if it was right for me yet, but I knew I wanted to try it. And I’m glad that I did. During my program, I learned how to work for a five-star resort as well as how to market myself better. I also really enjoyed being able to experience another part of the county for an extended period of time. I would do it again!"

George R.

Summer Participant

"After my initial call with AdventureEXP I remember thinking ‘This is exactly what I was looking for’. The guidance I was provided helped me integrate into the community and I learned how to grow by overcoming difficult situations."

Delaney S.

Winter Participant

"My winter was unforgettable in the experiences I had and people I met. The exposure to the luxury service industry during my program changed my view of customer service and provided me with transferable skills for the rest of my life. I would do another destination work program in the future."

Brock K.

Winter Participant

"We are so grateful that our son had this opportunity and found a mentor through AdventureEXP that enabled him to get the most out of his months in Colorado. AdventureEXP is running a really important program and does it so well."

Kathleen M. - Parent of a Participant

"I knew this was the right program for me when I was walking to work the first day with my skis on my shoulder and realizing how awesome the winter was about to be. I learned to not stress about little things and to live in the present. I made deep connections with new people and learned to be independent."

Deke M.

Winter Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

AdventureEXP makes Destination Work Experience in the US attainable by simplifying the process and supporting you through every step of the way.

1. Explore your options and submit an application – easiest 5 minutes of your day!

2. Sign our Program Terms & Conditions and get enrolled in our Hiring Portal

3. Meet with employers – interview and find the right experience for you

4. Once you're hired we handle all of your experience logistics – you book your travel, we secure your housing and plan your onboarding with your employer

5. We're available during your experience – stay in touch with your personal Adventure Guide for anything and everything you need

6. Join our alumni network and apply to be an On-Site Coordinator for future experiences – you'll work part-time for AdventureEXP while working for another employer. Sounds cool, right?

We are happy to work with gap year students on their program that are looking for a more independent experience where they will work and live in a destination in the US. It’s important to understand that the experience of a high school graduate and a young professional will be different in the jobs you will be eligible for on the program. Check out Our Programs to learn more about typical jobs on our program.

While our diverse program types cater to people in all stages of life, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

It is best to start with what is most important to you. Are you traveling with a gropu of friends? Interested in a specific destination? Are you trying to fit this program in between other programs, internships or traveling? Submit Your Application to participate in a 1-on-1 advising session with our team to explore your options.

We primarily work with employers in seasonal areas of the country so the available jobs do depend on the time of year you are traveling. A few of our most popular positions are in hospitality, food and beverage, and retail. Review Our Programs and Apply Today to speak with your personal Adventure Guide and review available positions.

  • Hotel/Resort Worker
  • Food and Beverage - Barista, Bartender, Server
  • Grocery Store worker
  • Retail/Apparel Associate
  • Kitchen - Chef/Prep
  • Engineering

Review Our Programs and Apply Today to speak with your personal Adventure Guide and review available positions.

AdventureEXP partners with universities, professional societies, community centers and much much more. Submit your interest to showcase the positions you need and we’ll offer your positions to our candidate pool. Once we learn your business, we facilitate the hiring and on-boarding process through AdventureEXP.

AdventureEXP is here to help you along your career path. Whether you need help deciding your next steps, writing your resume or just want to share your experience – we are here to help!

1. Sign up for your 1:1 Career Coaching session to update your professional portfolio (resume, LinkedIn, etc.)

2. Apply to be an On-Site coordinator for a future AdventureEXP placement

3. Join our network of Adventure Alumni

4. Share your experience on social media and tag us @aexp_travel