Hello Parents

At AdventureEXP, we challenge our participants to grow and discover beyond their comfort zones. Our role is to create a transformative experience where participants learn, earn, and have fun. We recognize that you are such an important part of our participants lives and we are so glad you are wanting to support your child. However, we want our participants to take charge of their own experience and embrace independence so they can grow personally and professionally. Before your child’s program begins, we encourage you to reach out to our team if you have any questions. Please email us at support@adventureexp.com. During their program, we encourage you to stay in communication with your child directly about how they program is progressing and their successes and areas for growth. Preparing your child to thrive and lead in today’s world requires real-work experience outside of their comfort zone. We look forward to seeing your child experience meaningful travel and extraordinary growth.

Our Commitment To You As The Parent

  • Our utmost priority is to provide a safe environment for your child’s overall wellbeing.
  • Please remember that at no time should parents communicate directly with their child’s employer.
  • If we have concerns regarding your child, we will be in touch with the emergency contacts we have collected prior to arrival on their program.

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