During Your Adventure

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Support Through AdventureEXP

We know what it’s like to travel and work away from home. Although it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can take early in your career, it of course comes with challenges. AdventureEXP is here helping you every step of the way with Adventure Advising before your trip, Adventure orientation, excursions during your program and emergency support for everything in between.

Email us at: support@adventureexp.com

Cost of Living Calculator

Ensure you have created and know your budget for your Adventure. Decide your savings goals like the cost of school or a vacation with friends you meet on your program. This all starts with understanding your anticipated income, current expenses and setting savings goals that make sense for you.

Speak with your Adventure Guide about your budget and let AdventureEXP help you with our budget toolkit.

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Vibrant: Coaching and Mentorship Services with Karly Christ

Certified coach Karly Christ provides AdventureEXP students with extra support before during or after our programs.

“I help you define your travel or gap year goals, approach your gap time with confidence, and move beyond your AdventureEXP experience with intention and purpose.”

Are you an AdventureEXP student who…

  • is excited about going on a program but is feeling nervous and unsure?
  • is motivated to have a fulfilling work experience with AdventureEXP and wants a little additional assistance to put your plans into action?
  • is currently on a program and is struggling?
  • has completed your time away and wants help translating your learnings and taking your next steps with confidence and purpose?

Some of the ways Vibrant can support you is by helping you:

  • Create a positive mindset
  • Set your goals and providing accountability
  • Know how you can use your experience as a springboard into the next phase of life

Offer a free 30-minute call available to discuss how we can help enrich your AdventureEXP experience.

Book your call today by clicking on the link below or send an email to contact@vibrantikigaicoaching.com

Reduced rate coaching for AdventureEXP participants  ~ $125 per hour

PTO & Travel During Adventure

We know you’re already traveling for your Adventure through AdventureEXP but we feel taking time for yourself is critical in success during your experience. It’s so important to take care of your mental & emotional health by taking time off from work and doing what you love – travel, read, sleep in, go backpacking or finding that cool natural hot spring every local always talks about.

Your vacation time will depend on your employer and the job you select for your Adventure. Speak with your supervisor and Human Resources to understand the policy around PTO and how to request time off. Remember that PTO is actually part of your benefits package and should be used in whatever way makes you the happiest.

As for traveling outside your working location during your program, AdventureEXP supports you and more importantly, trusts you. Make decisions during your placement that both make you happy and meet the expectations of your employer. Talk to your Adventure Guide for ideas on local/regional travel.

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2nd Jobs

AdventureEXP takes every step to ensure you can not only afford your Adventure but thrive & save money. At the same time, if you are interested in getting a 2nd job, you are permitted to do so but remember that your primary employer is your priority and your 2nd job cannot interfere with your schedule or work ethic during your program. Talk to your Adventure Guide if you are interested in a 2nd job.

Unhappy With Your Job

We work tirelessly before you ever see a Job Offer to ensure that we have collected all the information about the location, company, position, housing. It comes down to we don’t ever want you to be surprised.

When you accept a position, AdventureEXP and your new employer are counting on you to keep to your commitment and stay through the agreed end date of your program. If you are unhappy, bring it to AdventureEXP’s attention immediately and give us the chance to resolve your concerns before we move on to a new position.

We’re in this together! We only succeed when you succeed and have the experience you planned and deserve.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers
people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers


Through your employer, know the details of your Job Offer to know what additional benefits are offered to you as an employee. These are all parts of your benefits package, just like PTO – take advantage of them.

For benefits from AdventureEXP, your local representative will check-in with you throughout your program virtually and in-person. For all excursions, it is important that you share your feedback so we can continue improving the program we are offering you. We need your help to make your experience the best it can be.


As an employee in the United States, you will pay all local, state and federal taxes as elected in your W-4 when you onboard with your employer.

You may however be eligible for some tax benefits depending on the amount you earn during your program and if your program is the only earnings you have during the year.

Your employer will provide you with a copy of your W-2 for you to file your own taxes.

AdventureEXP is not a tax professional but we can recommend services when it comes to filing your taxes.

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