Before Your Adventure

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Consider the details of your Job Offer as you are planning your upcoming Adventure. Figure out what expenses you have in addition to your ‘life’ expenses while on your Adventure…

We estimated the expected monthly expenses for you:

  • Rent: ~$500
  • Cellphone: ~$50
  • Groceries: ~$300
  • Fun: ~$100
  • Local Transportation: ~$50

Click on the Calculator below to compare cost of living in your destination city with your hometown

Click on the Budgeting Tool below to create your program budget and make sure you found the right job for your savings goals


AdventureEXP does not provide insurance coverage during your program.

If you are on your parents’ insurance plan, be sure you understand the requirements of maintaining coverage if you are taking any amount of time off from college or earning an income

Employers through AdventureEXP offer their own health benefits that you may be eligible for depending on the employer, your program length and position.

Be sure to bring up your current insurance coverage in your 1:1 Advising Session with your AdventureEXP Adventure Guide

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Choose Your Traveling Work Adventure

Depending on the time of year you decide to participate, some locations around the US may be hiring more Adventurers.

No one place is better than any other, it depends on you and what experience you want.

Check out our Program Locations Here.

Your work-life experience will be a big piece of your overall program lifestyle. Think about your current skill set and what skills you are hoping to gain during your adventure. All positions are guaranteed a minimum of 35 hours per week to ensure you get experience and can cover the cost of living during your adventure through AdventureEXP.

How long are you comfortable being away from home? Pick the length of program that fits into your school schedule and other goals:

  • Typical program lengths are 2-12 months with 3.5 months being the most common length

Think about your Adventure location and what amenities you want to have nearby. We work with employers all across the US, including Urban, Remote, Suburban, and Rural.

Being comfortable in your housing is an important piece in your overall success. We have four housing options to choose from: dormitory, hotel, apartment and homestay.