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Traveling and working takes courage. Take the leap of faith to discover yourself and the world around you. we're here to guide you.

We'll Be There Every Step Of The Way

We simplify your experience by handling all the logistics of getting you hired, organizing the travel to your destination and securing your housing. Follow our 6 easy steps and you’ll be on your way to traveling, having fun and getting paid.

Spend less time on our application and more time dreaming up your perfect experience – we’re here to help!

Step 1

Start Here - Explore Your Options

We partner with employers across the country to offer you a location and job that match what you are looking for. Since our specific employer needs are always changing, we list sample jobs and current program locations for your exploration.

Complete your application here

We keep it simple – tell us about your background, interests in a destination work experience and specific programs that meet your needs.

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Step 2


Now that you have completed your basic application, schedule time with one of our Adventure Guides to talk through all the details of our programs. Once accepted into the program, you will sign our Program Terms & Conditions and pay your program fee.

Our Program Fee of $495 is to cover our support, mentorship, program placement, access to our housing and participation in our curriculum.

Our program is cost-positive which means we expect you to earn money on the program after the cost of the program fee, travel expenses and living expenses during the program.

Now you’ll submit the following documents:

  • Existing Resume - we can make your first one together if you don't have a resume yet
  • Letter of Intent

Your Adventure Guide is here to guide you – ask them all the questions you have! We'll get you enrolled in our curriculum to help prepare you to succeed on our program and developing independent living skills.

Not Ready to Apply Yet? Fill Out Our Interest Form

Our team will follow up with you on next steps and help answer all the questions you have as you’re exploring your options.

Step 3

Getting Hired

Now that you’ve been enrolled, we will start sending you positions that match your profile. You tell us which ones you want to pursue!

In the meantime, your Adventure Guide will prepare you for your interview(s) and update your resume in our proven-template.

Your Adventure Guide is your personal contact with AdventureEXP – don’t hesitate to reach out for anything and everything!

Important Information on this Step

This step takes the longest because we’re finding you the right placement for your experience and that takes time! Because our partner employers have seasonal needs, depending on the time you submit your application will affect how quickly you move through this step.

Expect to have multiple interviews.
You will have a secured placement at least 4 weeks before your departure.

We will stay in touch with you weekly with new positions and all of our travel resources.

Step 4


It’s happening! All your hard work is paying off!

  • Your Adventure Guide will coordinate your travel itinerary with you – driving or flying – we’ve got you covered!
  • You will meet your Career Coach who will be supporting you during and after your experience
  • We will plan your onboarding with your new employer and communicate all position-specific information to you

Awesome Resources

Check out our Travel Tips and Pre-Departure Resources here.

Your housing will be secured and you’ll meet the people joining you at your destination work experience.

Our Adventure Guides have all traveled around the US for long-periods and have endless tips & tricks to help you have the best experience!

Step 5

During Your Program

Our philosophy is in simplifying the logistics of realizing your dream to live on your own in a cool place. Then we make it affordable (and a net financial gain) while you’re there with meaningful work. Through AdventureEXP, our support doesn’t stop there!

  • Airport pick-up / meet at your destination
  • Check-in to housing
  • Experience Orientation
  • Assistance with onboarding at your new employer
  • Optional career coaching and personal finance education while on your program
  • Local excursions
  • Emergency Support – we’re there when you need us most.

Stay in Touch With Us

Our programs are customizable because we understand that everyone’s situation is different.

Call/Text your Adventure Guide about specific support you need and how AdventureEXP can help you pursue this destination work experience.

Our Core Values

Courage | Social Equity |Fun | Impact | Freedom

Step 6

After Your Program

You did it! You moved out on your own and gained life experience!

It's important to remember that coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

What’s next:

  • Work with your AdventureEXP Career Coach to use your experience as a tool for future success in your career (it’s included in your program fee)
  • Interested in another destination work experience? Apply to be an On-Site Program Coordinator and work for AdventureEXP part-time supporting other Adventurers while having another experience of your own
  • Share your story with us – we need your feedback to make our future experiences even better

What is an On-Site Program Coordinator

For those Adventurers that want to have another destination work experience, apply to be an On-Site Program Coordinator and you will work part-time for AdventureEXP while working full-time for another employer in your desired location. You will support the other Adventurers in that location during your experience and represent AdventureEXP

  • Work on the front lines of helping young people travel and have meaningful experiences!
  • Paid weekly work from AdventureEXP
  • Host excursions of your choice for your cohort of Adventurers
  • Take a leadership role in a travel and customer service centered role

Frequently Asked Questions

AdventureEXP makes Destination Work Experience in the US attainable by simplifying the process and supporting you through every step of the way.

1. Explore your options and submit an application – easiest 5 minutes of your day!

2. Sign our Program Terms & Conditions and get enrolled in our Hiring Portal

3. Meet with employers – interview and find the right experience for you

4. Once you're hired we handle all of your experience logistics – you book your travel, we secure your housing and plan your onboarding with your employer

5. We're available during your experience – stay in touch with your personal Adventure Guide for anything and everything you need

6. Join our alumni network and apply to be an On-Site Coordinator for future experiences – you'll work part-time for AdventureEXP while working for another employer. Sounds cool, right?

We are happy to work with gap year students on their program that are looking for a more independent experience where they will work and live in a destination in the US. It’s important to understand that the experience of a high school graduate and a young professional will be different in the jobs you will be eligible for on the program. Check out Our Programs to learn more about typical jobs on our program.

While our diverse program types cater to people in all stages of life, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

It is best to start with what is most important to you. Are you traveling with a gropu of friends? Interested in a specific destination? Are you trying to fit this program in between other programs, internships or traveling? Submit Your Application to participate in a 1-on-1 advising session with our team to explore your options.

We primarily work with employers in seasonal areas of the country so the available jobs do depend on the time of year you are traveling. A few of our most popular positions are in hospitality, food and beverage, and retail. Review Our Programs and Apply Today to speak with your personal Adventure Guide and review available positions.

  • Hotel/Resort Worker
  • Food and Beverage - Barista, Bartender, Server
  • Grocery Store worker
  • Retail/Apparel Associate
  • Kitchen - Chef/Prep
  • Engineering

Review Our Programs and Apply Today to speak with your personal Adventure Guide and review available positions.

AdventureEXP partners with universities, professional societies, community centers and much much more. Submit your interest to showcase the positions you need and we’ll offer your positions to our candidate pool. Once we learn your business, we facilitate the hiring and on-boarding process through AdventureEXP.

AdventureEXP is here to help you along your career path. Whether you need help deciding your next steps, writing your resume or just want to share your experience – we are here to help!

1. Sign up for your 1:1 Career Coaching session to update your professional portfolio (resume, LinkedIn, etc.)

2. Apply to be an On-Site coordinator for a future AdventureEXP placement

3. Join our network of Adventure Alumni

4. Share your experience on social media and tag us @aexp_travel