AdventureEXP Participant’s Obligations and Policies

As a participant, these obligations and policies are guidelines for our programs and if you have questions regarding these policies, please contact us at

What Is Required Of Participants?

You must be 18 years or older to participate in our program

Attendance Policy:

AdventureEXP participants are required to attend all training meetings and scheduled shifts at their employer. 

Absences are limited to emergencies. It is the participants responsibility to notify their supervisor at their employer if they will be absent or late. Notification must be timely, professional and at minimum within the attendance policy of your specific employer you accept to work with through our program. Participants are not paid for days they are absent.

Professional Behavior Expectations:

Be an active, respectful, and responsible participant throughout the entirety of the program and be a positive ambassador for AdventureEXP. Your performance and participation impacts future students’ ability to participate with us.

Respond to AdventureEXP outreach during your experience either via email, text or call in a timely manner. We only contact you when we actually need to and a response is required.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take charge of your own independent experience through self-advocating and utilizing our Education Modules as resources. 

Cooperate and communicate with AdventureEXP staff and in a timely and professional manner by submitting your required Monthly Check Ins and notifying staff when an issue arises. 

Perform all duties assigned by the employer. Maintain a professional demeanor and can-do attitude while on the program.

Program Participant Termination Policy:

If the participants’ behavior is deemed detrimental to the functioning of the Adventure Program or offensive to the Employer, they will be subject to dismissal from the program.

Unexcused absences from work may be cause of termination from the program. In addition, repeated late arrivals to training or your shift may be cause of termination. 

Violation of any State, Federal or Local laws may be cause for dismissal from the program. Laws regarding alcohol and controlled, decriminalized, or legalized substances vary by Federal, State and Local law. Participants are expected to exercise personal responsibility regarding these issues. Participants will be subject to dismissal from the program if the use of these items interferes with employment commitment, program involvement, or results in legal ramifications. 

Dismissal Policies:

Participants are responsible for any and all costs arising out of the dismissal from the program before its completion. Participants will not be refunded any portion of fees and may be responsible for unpaid future fees associated with housing.

Participants are required to provide appropriate notification and documentation if they are withdrawing their participation in our program. Participants will remain liable for any upfront expenses committed on their behalf. Limited exceptions to the refund policy may be made at the sole discretion of AdventureEXP in instances of bona fide medical or family emergencies, or military call to duty. 

The following behaviors could result in immediate termination from the AdventureEXP Program:

  • Sexual assault, bullying or harassment (verbal or physical) of a fellow program participant, AdventureEXP staff member, or employees at their program location.
  • Intentional physical injury, harm, or intimidation of a fellow program participant, AdventureEXP staff member or employees at their program location.
  • Making other program participants during AdventureEXP’s programming or employees at their program location feel unsafe by using:
    • Evocative language that is harassing, abusive or intended to incite violence towards any persons’ identity.

Watching our participants travel and thrive is what makes us passionate about what we do here at AdventureEXP. Our goal is for our participants to always be safe, happy, and healthy. Let us know if you have any other questions regarding our obligations and policies at We look forward to supporting you on our program soon!