We Simplify The Recruitment

And The Retention Process


Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Staff

We partner with universities, community centers and professional societies to maintain a pipeline of highly motivated, qualified staff for your open positions. Once we fill your open positions, we commit to supporting your organization with it’s staffing needs.

No Upfront Cost to You

Our program is structured so you only pay for the Adventurers that show-up and perform as expected. No upfront petition cost, ‘finders fee’ or administrative expense required. We offer various payment options to fit your unique business and cash flow.

Retention Is Our Business

We take steps from Day 1 of recruiting to ensure all our candidates are committed to their adventure. We believe that effective retention starts with matching the right candidates for your job and is ensured by supporting you and the Adventurer during your experience virtually and in-person

Faster Recruiting

We understand your business and know that your hiring needs require a clear, simple process. We maintain a qualified candidate pool to speed up the recruitment timeline. We onboard your organization with an application that collects all the information we need

to effectively market your positions.

No additional regulatory requirements, no government lottery, no restrictive program dates

Flexible Scheduling

We know that your team members wear many hats and your Adventurers are no different. We know that the reality of their job is that they will likely take on additional responsibilities as business requires. As we host a professional development program, you have the flexibility to schedule your team members in other departments throughout your organization. We believe this is not only more aligned with reality when they are full-time in the workforce but that flexibility is a key success factor.

On-Site Support

We handle all the logistics of getting your new team members to their working location. We lead pre-departure orientation, arrivals, on-site orientation, assistance with onboarding and we connect with you and the Adventurer during the full program throughmonthly check-ins, site visits and hosting local excursions for Adventurers and your staff.

Most Common Industries Hiring




Food & Beverage


Summer Camp

Ski Resorts

Theme Parks


Hire entry level or skilled employees for your busy season through our platform. Don’t see your industry listed above? Reach out to us and let’s see how we can help you!

Improve your retention | Find the right staff for the job | Simplify your recruitment | Get supported in HR

Easy As

1, 2, 3

We know how difficult it is to find (and keep) skilled, motivated and committed employees. We simplify your recruiting, retention and make your life easier!

No cost to apply! No cost to post a job! No cost to interview! No risk to your business!

You only pay once your new Team Member arrives and for the real time they work. Payment is either a one-time fee or weekly rate.


Post A Job

Our candidates are looking for an exciting work-life for their travel time. AdventureEXP knows what our candidate wants. Let us help you showcase why choosing your company is the best choice for them.


We feel that best practice is for you to participate in the interview process – this makes a connection between you and the candidate from Day 1 and increases candidate engagement in your positions. We only present you candidates that are eligible, have committed to the program and fit your job requirements.

Hire The Best

Select the candidates that are best for your open positions and we take care of the rest. AdventureEXP knows your business needs change regularly so we offer flexible recruitment timelines for you.