Adventure Program Terms & Conditions


Cultural Sensitivity:

I understand that I must conduct myself in a manner that shows respect and consideration for the Employer and the geographic location in which my employment occurs. Further, if my behavior is deemed detrimental to the functioning of the Adventure Program or offensive to the Employer, I will be subject to dismissal from the program. Certain programs and locations may require significant modifications of my behavior:

particularly related to alcohol use, clothing, personal expression, demeanor, and public behavior.  I understand that I must adhere to the specific program requirements as outlined by the program and any applicable Employer requirements for its employees.


I understand that I must attend all program activities and respond to all communications from AdventureEXP.

Violation of Local Laws:

I understand that by signing below I am required to familiarize myself with, and adhere to, all laws which are in effect for the geographic location in which my employment is located. Violation of State, Federal or local law may be cause for dismissal from the program.

Alcohol or Substance Misuse:

Laws regarding alcohol and controlled, decriminalized, or legalized substances vary by Federal, State and Local law. I understand that I am expected to exercise personal responsibility regarding these issues. I understand that I will be subject to dismissal from the program if the use of these items interferes with employment commitment, program involvement, or results in legal ramifications.

Illegal Alcohol or Drug Use:

The use of, possession, or commerce in illegal drugs of any form is in violation of the rules of the program.  If I am found with any illegal substances, I will be immediately dismissed from the program.      


Financial Matters

Confirmation Payment:

Payment of the program confirmation payment is due within 5 business days of my completion of the application to the program or no later than the application deadline, whichever is first. Delayed payments could cause delayed enrollment and affect AdventureEXP’s ability to find you an experience in your requested timeline.

Payment Deadlines:

Depending on the length of program you have applied to your Program Deposit is due at the time you complete your application. Receipt is required before any positions will be presented for interviews or your is non-refundable

Once a position is accepted, your full program fee must be paid in full If for any reason you choose to withdraw (see Voluntary Withdrawal by Adventurer) you entitled to a refund of your Program Fee payment.

Voluntary Withdrawal by Adventurer:

I understand that I may withdraw my participation in a program if, for reasons of health or exigent circumstances, my continued involvement is no longer feasible. Notification and documentation will be required, in writing, as soon as possible.  

I understand that if I withdraw, I remain liable for program fees committed on my behalf.  Limited exceptions to the refund policy may be made at the 

sole discretion of AdventureEXP in instances of bona fide medical or family emergencies, or military call to duty. If the withdrawal is premised upon my violation of or dissatisfaction with any of my responsibilities or my involvement in the program I acknowledge and accept that I will receive no refunds of prepaid programming fees and will be 

contractually liable for any unpaid but future payments due.

Cancellation by AdventureEXP

Cancellation by AdventureEXP: Should AdventureEXP choose to cancel your program prior to your agreed upon Program Start Date, your Program Fee and Program Deposit will be refunded in their entirety. Should your accepted employer choose to cancel your program prior to your agreed upon Program Start Date, AdventureEXP will attempt to find you a new placement with similar Program Criteria. Should AdventureEXP be unable to find additional options for your program, your Program Fee and Program Deposit will be refunded in their entirety.


I understand that I am responsible for any and all costs arising out of my dismissal from the program before its completion, including withdrawal caused by illness, disciplinary or conduct action. I understand that if I am dismissed, I will not be refunded any portion of the fees and may be responsible for unpaid future fees.


Miscellaneous, Insurance and Waivers

Employee Benefits, Insurance Information, Adventurer Obligations to Maintain Insurance:

I understand I am responsible for verifying whether my Employer will be providing me health insurance, and that AdventureEXP LLC will not provide any medical or other insurance coverage to Adventurers participating in the program and will advise all Adventurers of this. I am eligible for all benefits, including health benefits, which are offered by my Employer to its employees in similar positions with the Employer and Employer’s benefits coverages

I understand that, if I operate a motor vehicle, I have insurance in place of at least the amount required by the laws of where my employment is located, and that I will maintain that insurance so long as I am in the program.

I assume responsibility for my personal safety and conduct.  I specifically hold AdventureEXP LLC harmless and, if required, to indemnify it, for any liability or claims of liability are made by me or against me, whether for personal injury, damage to property, or any and all other actual or possible claims in tort or otherwise which may occur while I am in the program.

Marketing: In signing this agreement you grant AdventureEXP unlimited permission to use all forms of media created or obtained during your experience, including but not limited to digital images, for marketing or any other permissible purpose.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability:   I assume the risk of inconvenience and harm, and, in addition to what is stated elsewhere in this document, release AdventureEXP as well as its agents, employees, and members of the from all actions, causes of actions, damages, claims or demands which I, my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have against it for any and all claims, either by me or against me, for any and all injuries or damages, known or unknown, which I have or may incur by participation in the program.

I expressly agree that the foregoing Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by applicable law and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.